Operating from the port city of Chittagong, we are in very close proximity of the port and customs office. This allows us to process documents and collect declarations within the shortest possible time frame. Ancient Steamship is well represented both at Port and at Customs by staff of professional integrity. Our services extend to:

–    Handling local customs documentations and export formalities – clearing and delivering to your doorstep.

–    Handling all shipping documentations

–    Collecting goods from the supplier; packing goods into containers; providing warehouses for storage; and arranging shipment.

–    Providing efficient transportation of cleared cargo to its final destination using our own vehicles and where required, we have a network of trusted third party vehicle owners to complete the transportation. Our varying modes of transportation include vans, trucks, rail, air and barges.

–    Arranging transportation of goods via ocean to your destination port with cargo tracking.

–    Taking delivery of cargo on behalf of the exporter and storing it in our warehouses in Chittagong. –    Full cargo tracking with status updates to both supplier and buyer.