With over a century of experience, we are able to offer our customers a full range of Shipping Agency, Clearing & Forwarding, Warehousing, Land and River transportation services. 

We handle a wide range of goods including grains, oils, gases, minerals, heavy goods and equipment, emergency supplies and disaster relief.

Our reputation stems from our ability to provide reliable, efficient, economical management and operation of all manner of vessels (including container ships, research vessels, lighter vessels and tankers) of various tonnages.


  • Shipping Agency  (Break Bulk, Dry Bulk, General Cargo Liner, Heavy Lift, Product Tanker, PCC, Offshore Rig & Supply Vessel).
  • Freight Forwarding /Consolidation.
  • World -Wide NVOCC Operations.
  • Clearing and Forwarding (Customs Broker).
  • Warehousing.
  • Door To Door Distribution.
  • Food Aid Transport, Handling & Storage Specialists.
  • Overland Transportation.
  • Chartering.
  • Barges and Lighterage.
  • Oil Gas Exploration / Exploitation Supports.
  • Marine Consultancy.                                     
  • Freehold Property Owning.


Highly professional, experts in our field, we employ Bangladesh’s leading Mariners, Engineers, Surveyors, Sailors, Truckers and Hauliers.

We have well trained, highly skilled, experienced and qualified employees in our regular enrolment and a further pool of employees on hire on any given day. 

We are a family owned company for four generations, headquartered at the Port City of Chittagong, Bangladesh, housed at the ancestral”HAKIM MANSION” facing the Chittagong  Port and continue to uphold our proud traditions of excellence in our field flying the family flag even today.